Executive Committee


Chairperson (2006 - ) Dr Angela Sharples, MNZM Matamata College (2005 - )
Secretary (2004 - ) Dr Heather Meikle Palmerston North (2004 - )
Treasurer (2019 - ) Mr Nick Bryant Matamata College (2014 - )
Executive Committee Prof. Dianne Brunton University of Auckland (2024 - )
Mr Liam Hewson University of Otago (2020 - )
Ms Michelle Isbister Hauraki Plains College (2018 - )
Nikita Lyons Dunedin (2022 - )
Morgan Rowland The Gardens School (2021 - )


The New Zealand International Biology Olympiad is an Incorporated Society and registered with the Charities Commission (CC41716). Membership is open to all biologists resident in New Zealand. NZIBO does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status or disability.

Membership of NZIBO binds the member to abide by the provisions of this Constitution and any ancillary Regulations, By Laws, Rules, determinations, Resolutions or Policies which may be made or passed by the Executive Committee or the Society necessary for the promotion and furtherance of the objects of the Society. As a member, one is required to actively support organizational goals and to take on such tasks as the Executive Committee deems appropriate in consultation with the member.

The Executive Committee consists of elected members with each member on the Executive Committee holding office until the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting following the date of their confirmation, but shall remain eligible for re-appointment. Membership to the Executive Committee is by majority vote of the current Executive Committee members.

NZIBO Constitution

We would encourage all biologists in New Zealand to become members of NZIBO so that together we can support our talented secondary school biologists to see biology as a vibrant and valuable career pathway. Membership is free but allows you to be included in our outreach and keep in touch with the activities of the NZIBO programme.