Biology Olympiad 2017: A teacher’s perspective

All I can say is WOW!!! As a Biology teacher it is an amazing feeling when you get one or two students in your class super enthusiastic about Biology, but 25!!!!! Dream come true! I experienced life in the NZIBO for the Auckland leg of the training camp and the entire experience was something I will never Egret (had to pun). Seeing the students learn about and study bird behavior on Tiritiri Matangi Island was one of the best field trips I’feather been on. The Evolution Lab I give two opposable thumbs up. The dedication of the NZIBO team members to ensuring the students experience was second to none was impressive, especially given they are all volunteers. This program is a well thought-out and intensive Biology experience and I highly recommend all Biologists to get involved, either as a student or teacher. The lectures by leading NZ scientists ensured students were learning cutting edge knowledge and seeing how Biologist work in real life. The students were all supportive of each other and seemed like a big family, which is outstanding given this was not only a training camp, but a competition to be one of the final four to represent NZ at the International Biology Olympiad later this year in the UK. Thanks you so much for the experience, there is mushroom in my heart for the NZIBO.

Andrea Roberts