Teacher scholarship

Teacher Scholarship available! 2017 Easter school break.

Attention all Biology educators! If you have ever wondered what the NZIBO training camp is all about – this is your chance to find out… gain skills in invertebrate dissection, plant classification, plant sectioning, microbiology aseptic technique, histology, gel electrophoresis, ethology, marine ecology, freshwater ecology sampling and much much more!
There are two teacher scholarships up for grabs. This will enable you to attend the NZIBO training and selection camp. These scholarships will include; transport to and from the camp, accommodation and meals at the camp and full participation in all of the learning, trips and labs (just like the students). You will also get to meet academics and teachers from around NZ. This is a wonderful professional development opportunity and a chance to work with passionate biologists; students, scientists, and university staff. 

The Waikato University portion of the camp starts on Tuesday 18th April ending with the practical exam on Saturday 22nd April. This part of the camp is lab based and teaches practical biology skills. The Auckland leg runs from the 23rdand ends with the theory exam on Tuesday 26th April. This leg features workshops on biostatistics and development, a current biology research symposium, evolution labs, and behavior and ecology field work. 

To apply you need to write a one-page letter – A4, size 11 font.

Please include:

o   your name, school, email address

·       Write one paragraph about yourself with a photo, suitable for inclusion in a newsletter about the camp.

·       A description of your reasons for wanting to come to camp

·       The leg of the camp you would like to be involved with. 

We are really excited to be able to share this event with a wider circle of keen Biology teachers. It is a tremendous learning experience and lots of fun. Applications close 10th March. 

Please email the secretary: Dr Heather Meikle [email protected]

Ka kite ano!!